Announcement: A major overhaul of Harrow’s web interface!

Our team is proud to announce today the launch of our new Harrow web application.

Revamped from the ground up, with awkward workflows fixed, a glut of new features, and a generally faster interface.

When first creating your account you’ll be greeted by a new setup assistant which will guide you through the setup process to get your first tasks setup and running.



After completing the setup assistant you’ll see your new, simplified dashboard where your commonly used tasks are available, drilling down into a specific project will show you the specific tasks for that project and it’s environments.


A new and improved log viewer, supporting clickable line numbers to highlight ranges, faster scrolling and improved color support is also included, be sure to set your programs to print color if they support it, many tools use a bad test for color support, and fall back to printing un-colored text.


Keep your eyes on the blog, and on the in-app announcements for more feature focuses.

We’ll be announcing more and more in the coming days, with forthcoming features including file caching, improved error messages, prettier emails and more.

This announcement is timed to coincide with the announcement of our new public Trello board for customer feedback.

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