Announcing the imminent availability of, FOSS

We’ve been super fortunate with Harrow over the last two years to have built a scalable and sustainable business from our humble beginnings maintaining Capistrano.

As we’ve grown we’ve needed capital to stay alive, and our investor round have supported us wonderfully at every step.

We’re collectively in a position to give back to the FOSS community now, and are taking the exciting step of releasing Harrow as a completely free (as in speech) open source project under the GPL.

The cloud version of Harrow at will continue to operate with some small changes to the pricing structure which will be communicated separately to affected paying customers.

The code will be landing on GitHub as soon as we’ve finished auditing it to make sure we’re not leaking any secrets or tokens which might put the security of our customers at risk.

For more information please see the FOSS release milestone, specifically the symbolic end-of-race-ribbon ticket which we’ll close when the code is up and available!

Because Harrow is about fostering collaboration, our goals are much higher than simply offering a simple SaaS which eases a lot of the pain experienced in DevOps, we want to give that software away to the wider world, make our impact felt here as much as possible, and allow our community more power and control in helping direct where we go with the product in the future.

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Lee is founding CTO of and long-time maintainer of Capistrano, the de-facto standard tool for deployment and automation of Rails projects, amongst others.

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