Harrow goes Silicon Valley

We are happy to announce that we are one of the winners of the German Accelerator program!

What does that mean?

So, one of the founders (and probably me) is going to Silicon Valley for 3 months, plus another 6 months if we do great… It is going to start Q3 or Q4. We will get free office space and mentoring in order to pushing our product into US, and therefore global markets. More information about the program itself can be found here.

Why do we do it?

From the first day on we had going to the USA in mind, it was part of our vision.

For several reasons: We, especially our CTO Lee, built Harrow on the (sometimes painful) background of maintaining an Open Source tool for 8 years. This tool is called Capistrano and its community is mostly based in the USA. For us, offering a nice product for this valued community has always been a key aspect.

Another reason is that our product is quite techy. When you are talking to business angels or VCs in Germany it is always very difficult to make them understand DevOps tools and its market.

Seizing the opportunity, I herewith thank our business angel and investors for believing in us. So, in the USA you can find more tech VCs and it will be easier finding clients who need relief in their DevOps processes.There are still a lot issues to clarify before we go over there, e.g. I am going to marry in July 🙂 , but we will keep you in the loop.

As soon we are in Silicon Valley/San Francisco, feel free to ping me and come over for a coffee (or a beer).




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