Hosted Capistrano For Teams!

Capistrano, in the browser, with no key and user management headaches?

We built Harrow with the express intent of making something that was for collaboration, a container of sorts where people could setup scripts, and processes, and let their team mates run wild with them.

Whilst building it, we had the opportunity to solve a lot of headache inducing problems such as SSH Key management, and similar issues with people coming and going, and making sure passwords are changed, etc, etc.

Here’s a screencast we recorded to demonstrate a complete end-to-end setup of automated testing and deployment using Harrow, with Capistrano – and, once it’s setup inviting your team mates to revel in the new easiness is only a couple of clicks away:

Table of contents

0:00 – Introduction.
0:08 – Creating an “Organization” and a “Project”.
0:27 – Connecting to GitHub and importing to Harrow.
1:06 – Creating and using a “Repository Deploy Key”.
1:49 – Creating a testing “Environment”.
1:53 – Using Unix Environment Variables.
2:03 – Writing a test-task for a Rails application.
2:36 – Create a test job combining the testing task with the testing environment.
2:59 – Run the tests!
3:37 – Trigger the tests to run automatically.
4:47 – Deploy your application.
5:01 – Setting up Capistrano.
5:32 – Configure Capistrano for our server.
5:45 – Provision the server with a simple Shell script.
5:55 – Create a staging “Environment”.
6:04 – Generating a server access key for our staging “Environment”.
6:15 – Granting Harrow access to our servers.
6:40 – Checking we set everything up correcty.
7:08 – Create a deployment “Task”.
7:38 – Sucessfully deploy your application!
7:58 – How to check the server directory structure is correct.
8:11 – Our site is live!
8:16 – A look at what else can be done for this project.
8:36 – Scheduling a check for outdated software every night.
8:50 – Invite your team mates!

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Lee is founding CTO of and long-time maintainer of Capistrano, the de-facto standard tool for deployment and automation of Rails projects, amongst others.

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