Using Android’s Repo tool to manage complex software projects.

Harrow is a relatively complex software project, comprising non-trivial software in many distinct languages spread across many repositories. We’ve always coped with this complexity fairly well, most of our team have a $HOME/code/harrow directory they work in, and most of them only need to check out two or perhaps three repositories at any one time.

Announcement: Enterprise Edition General Availability

Our team is incredibly proud to announce the immediate and general availability of our enterprise product offering. Harrow Enterprise allows users to run Harrow self-contained within their own network with no hard external dependencies! Companies can use Harrow inside their own firewall, without the potential risks associated with legal complications of data protection and 3rd

Announcement: Slack Build Notifications

An early winner in our public Trello board initiative, we’ve got great Slack notifications baked in now, check out the knowledge base to learn how to set them up and tighten the feedback loop for your tests, builds and deploys! Check out also our public Trello board, and our announcement post.

Announcement: A major overhaul of Harrow’s web interface!

Our team is proud to announce today the launch of our new Harrow web application. Revamped from the ground up, with awkward workflows fixed, a glut of new features, and a generally faster interface. When first creating your account you’ll be greeted by a new setup assistant which will guide you through the setup process

Announcement: New Public Trello Board

For too long we have built and planned features without early, proactive input from our users. Today we are changing that, announcing our new public Trello board for Harrow features. This board allows you to comment on, vote for, and track (subscriptions, and the calendar feature) your wish-list feature, and to see what we’re working

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Release Announcement October 2015

We’ve been hard at work building the latest round of features for Harrow, consulting with our customers and friends to find out what is most important, and to make it easier to get started. We missed a release announcement in September as we had a couple of long-running tasks which we wanted to get finished

Release Announcement August 2015

An amazing two weeks, our first time back to a strict Agile sprint schedule after the magnificent chaos of the alpha launch phase. Here’s what we shipped: Log Folds Nobody needs to see 700 lines of messages from Aptitude, Bundler or NPM, so we made it possible to arbitrarily fold blocks around your log output,

Hosted Capistrano For Teams!

Capistrano, in the browser, with no key and user management headaches? We built Harrow with the express intent of making something that was for collaboration, a container of sorts where people could setup scripts, and processes, and let their team mates run wild with them. Whilst building it, we had the opportunity to solve a

Announcing Public Beta Phase

We are proud to announce that we are now entering our semi-public beta phase. What is Harrow? Harrow is a new take on what a CI can, and should be in a modern software development environment. Harrow differentiates itself from other CI tools by focusing on collaboration, transparency and flexibility. Most other CI tools expect

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