share the load, communicate smoothly copy@2x

Share the load communicate smoothly

Continuous integration hides critical information your most valuable stakeholders. Get them involve early and often by coordinating your collaboration in Harrow. Let them see what you’re working on in realtime.
Better quality code, less effort@2x

Better code quality, less effort

Do you have a process for your house-keeping tasks, checking licences, keeping dependencies up-to date? Traditional CI is limited to testing and deploying, but helping you to focus on your own product by relieving you of house keeping nonsense is our job.
Our sites are all a mix of Wordpress, custom PHP and other technologies. Having a multi-faceted team it's great to have a platform where someone can script things once and everyone else not worry too much about how they work under the hood. We use Harrow for everything from tests and checks whilst working on the code, to our deployment, smoke-testing and backups, it's so flexible we couldn't imagine using anything else.

Stefan Dickmann


Document and share@2x

Document and share

Shift all those frustrating odd-jobs to Harrow and expose them on your project’s dashboard so that you’re no longer the only person in the team who knows how fix things when it hits the fan.
Represents the reality of modern software Copy@2x

Reflects the reality of modern software

Modern projects are complex. Harrow uniquely allows you to add multiple repositories to your project and perform complex integration tests, or follow upstream repositories and react to changes.
Tasks, triggers and environments@2x

Tasks, triggers and environments

Reuse tasks in different environments. Benefit from isolation and separation, to improve security. Set-up custom triggers to fire tasks in one environment and chain them together to build complex, but understandable pipelines.
Familiar interfaces to suit everyone@2x

Familiar interfaces to suit everyone

Harrow doesn’t force you to represent your tasks in flat YAML files. Write your tasks in any language using any frameworks or tools and optionally commit them into your repository. You can interact with Harrow via your CLI if you prefer that over the web.
More secure, easier to setup@2x

More secure, easier to set up

By centralizing keys and secrets within Harrow you can use our role based access control to pick-and-choose who can access key tasks and infrastructure and see a detailed audit log of who’s done what.
Stay agile, enjoy the freedom to experiment@2x

Stay agile, enjoy freedom

Container technology is moving faster than most of us can keep up. Harrow supports all container runtimes and always will.
Test, build, deploy or maintain anything@2x

Test, build, deploy or maintain anything

Our tooling, languages and frameworks chance all the time. Our platform gives you super user access to powerful VMs so you can run any software imaginable on your own terms.

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