Harrow vs. Ansible

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Ansible is a piece of IT automation software. Ansible is comparable to Capistrano or shell scripts for executing tasks on server infrastructure to change configuration or execute a deployment. Ansible has strong concepts of hosts, roles, servers and special support for installing packages and configuring firewalls. Ansible offers a hosted product called “Ansible Tower” for filtering servers, changing configuration and executing certain tasks directly on servers.

Harrow complements tooling such as Ansible and Ansible Tower by making them accessible to non-engineers. Ansible is a powerful and complex tool, Harrow wraps functions of Ansible, or connects to Ansible Tower using web hooks to define safe, repeatable types of tasks and processes, and give a simple UI to see when and why they were last executed, and to easily choose who ought to have the rights to use them in the future. Harrow helps a great deal to improve security by centralizing Ansible, vastly reducing the number of access keys and tokens at risk of being compromised.

Continuous Integration

Continuous Deployment

Useful for more than just server automation

Powerful automation frameworks can help more than just server admins, but are locked away in hard to use developer terminals, wouldn't it be better if they weren't?

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