Harrow vs. Travis-CI

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Travis is a hosted continuous integration service which excels at automatically testing code in response to changes in code, including pull requests. Travis excels at testing code under various combinations of languages (e.g all current versions of Ruby) which can be very helpful. Travis can also be used for simple (continuous) deployment.

Harrows features can be combined to replace most of Travis’s use-cases with the exception of Android and iOS testing for which Harrow currently lacks support.

Travis is designed to be invisible, silently testing and reporting on code and reporting back to the code repository (e.g GitHub) and is exclusively a tool for software engineers to conveniently run long running test suites.

Harrow is designed to be automatable in the scenarios where this makes sense such as those covered by Travis but to enable collaboration by making it possible for product owners or customers to have ability to choose when and how code is deployed, or shipped.

Continuous Integration

Continuous Delivery

Testing Across Multiple Repositories (Git)

Makes it simple to do integration testing when projects are spread across multiple repositories (e.g frontend & backend, or client & server)

Support multiple tasks/processes

Unit testing is not enough, modern best practices demand linting, style checks, testing, integration testing, compilation under different compilers, etc. Harrow enables all tasks for a software team to be put online and made available to everyone.

Access-control for fine-grained access to tasks

Enables novel workflows such as continuously deployed testing and staging environments, whilst keeping humans (even, your clients or stakeholders) responsible for production releases.

Powerful scheduling, web hooks, notifications, triggers

Combining triggers and notifications in ways that make sense for **each team** makes Harrow unique, any service can be supported via flexible web hooks, and we have powerful built-in integrations.

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